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Ryan’s Hype Has Assisted Revis in Contract Pursuit

“Self-praise is no recommendation”

You might forgive New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis for thinking the sun shines out of his derrière. There has been universal praise for his shut-down abilities and when discussing Revis’ extraordinary season in 2009, pundits trip over themselves to shower him with plaudits. In a recent NFL feature, Brian Baldinger cooed that he was the best player in the entire league.

His own coach Rex Ryan is among Revis’ biggest fans and like anything concerning his Jets, he isn’t afraid to tell anyone in earshot just how good he is. The trouble is Ryan and the Jets have created a monster. He has hyped Revis up to the high heavens and back down to his very own island. The player’s are certainly enjoying breathing in this air of confidence, Revis it seems, more than most.

Ryan has hyped up Revis in the media

This has become an issue now Revis wants more money. He believes he is deserving of it and the praise Ryan and others have lavished on him is only reinforcing these beliefs.

Does Revis deserve to be paid more? Sure. Does he deserve to be the best paid corner in the league? Possibly. But Nnamdi Asomugha’s gigantic deal means that the Jets will have to cough up a lot, an awful lot.

The trouble is, if you listen to Rex, the Jets also have the best players everywhere else. This surely means that the offensive-line, the linebackers, the punter and the kit man will also want to be the best paid in the league. There’s only so much pie to go around and Revis’ demands threaten to take a large slice of New York pastry. The Jets know that if they load up Revis’ plate, Nick Mangold, David Harris and others will be doing their best Oliver impressions in front of owner Woody Johnson, “please sir, can I have some more?” It may well set a dangerous precedent.

Had it not been for Ryan salivating over Revis and the rest of his troops, you’d think the Jets would be in an extremely strong position when negotiating with Revis and his agent. He has three years left on his current deal, a deal he fought tooth and nail to acquire and the Jets have strength and depth at his position. The defense is extremely strong and has been strengthened again since last term. No more so is this evident than at Revis’ own position, cornerback. The Jets traded for Antonio Cromartie and they used their highest draft pick on Kyle Wilson. As a result, Revis’ absence may not be as significant as he would like to think. The Jets are considerably better with Revis but they have covered their back by loading up in his position.

Revis Island's own mayor wants more money

However Revis can draw upon a plethora of soundbites from his own coach to provide compelling evidence for his own case. Rex’s most glowing reference:

“This year was the best year a corner has ever had in the National Football League.”

Ryan has shot himself in the foot. Whilst his brash demeanour appears to be doing wonders for the team, this is the other side of the coin. Revis believes this contrived hype and he wants the dollars to match it. It will be fascinating to see how this one transpires.

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